I’m new to Medium, but I’ve been blogging on my website for over a year. I’ll pull a bit from those posts as they cover my favorite things (reading, writing, travel, martial arts, cats, and cloud porn to name a few). You can find my Rahki Rambles here. …

I’ve read the articles that it takes 21 days to create a new habit. However, I’m the person who binged on ice cream and soda before a 21 sugar detox. Yep, that’s me. 21 days can be very intimidating especially when you’re also trying to ‘live in the moment’ and…

While I’m sure you know what F*#! it means, are you familiar with DNF?

I’m sure there are multiple meanings to DNF. However, to a bookworm, it means Did Not Finish. Whether you are a bookworm or not, I think there are some lessons about deciding to DNF it.


Rennie St. James

Creator of magical worlds (aka writer), travel junky, crazy cat lady, and hoarder of chocolate

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